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I filed 8-27-14 and here it is 10-29-14, I have not received one penny. When I call to speak to my case manager I am told she is on a another line.

The only time I speak with Karen is when she needs something from me.

I was told it takes 10-14 days for mail correspondence, 24-48 hours to receive fax and they do not correspond via e-mail.

I think they try to make it so difficult that you will say forget it. I have been paying short and long term for 13 yrs. They owe me on this claim. I have seriously thought about dropping the benefit and keep the money in a different account for this type of incident.

Broke all the bones in my ankle in Mar. I have had 2 major surgeries. I cannot bear weight on left ankle. I am an RN, I need to be able to walk. I need a pay check!

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I understand. I received my short term pay ok, but I'm being jacked around on my long term disability.

You call and it takes forever to get in touch. I bust myself and get everything to them. I Think sometimes they are too picky.

I have bills to pay they don't seem to care.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #1105167

This sounds familiar. ..she's on a call, or no response when or whome ever trying to ask questions.

...and call a number that has been disconnected years ago when this first claim started...Not Happy with This Company. ...and they get a check.we have to be praying if we get a check....

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